Ken Kurland


Ken Kurland writes classical, new age, jazz, world, pop, and theater.  Ken has released 16 albums and two EP's:  Songs for Spring, Morning Begins, Lo La Day, Night, Songs for Autumn, Easy River, Yesterday's Dreams (EP), American Fantasy, Solitary Thoughts, More Than Heaven, Across The Threshold. Walking The Talk, Longing, Life Goes On, Last Night in Jamaica (EP). Sunflowers, Closing Distance, and All Trials End in Peace.  Ken was the composer for an Off-Off-Broadway musical ("Delilah") which starred Uzo Aduba, and was selected for an ASCAP Songwriters Showcase for the song "Shaded Blue."  In 2015, Ken won an award for Best Score for the soundtrack for a short film, "Last Words," which included three songs from Easy River, one from Morning Begins, and one from Walking The Talk.




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