New Album: "Walking The Talk"


My new album "Walking The Talk" will be released on December 18.   It's my first pure jazz album.    I call it "feel-good" jazz:  it has 12 tracks in all:  10 upbeat, melodic tunes with a hint of blues and swing, plus a couple of slower pieces.    It's my own style that's influenced by swing music, New Orleans jazz, movie soundtrack jazz and Broadway jazz.   

One of the songs, "Sneaking Up," was used extensively on the soundtrack of a short film comedy called "Last Words."   The score (which also included songs from "Easy River" and "Morning Begins") won a "Best Score" award from a website dedicated to short films.  


New Album: "Across The Threshold"


Ken's latest album, "Across The Threshold," has been released.   It's classically based, and includes a variety of types of compositions.   There are orchestrated pieces (including the title track), pieces with mostly strings, a few vocal pieces using the sounds of a choir, two guitar-based tracks, a folk-like piece using a flute, and a solo piano piece.    The music itself was composed during different periods, from the mid-1980's to 2018.   The main themes to two of the pieces, "Across The Threshold" and "Peace Somewhere" were composed years ago (1988 and 1998 respectively) but with new sections composed in 2018.    The oldest piece is "Between The Clouds," written in 1985.   "Passing Moments" was composed in about 2016 and the three vocal pieces were written in late 2017 or early 2018.   


New Album: "More Than Heaven"


My new album, "More Than Heaven," has been released.   The album has 12 classical pieces with piano, strings, flute and horns.   


New Album: "Solitary Thoughts"


My eighth album, "Solitary Thoughts," has been released.     The album has 14 tracks of classically influenced piano solos.    I composed the music around two years ago, along with over 20 other songs that I hope to release one day too.            


Release of "American Fantasy"


My seventh album, "American Fantasy," has been released.  It's on this site and on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  

"American Fantasy" is a suite of eight orchestral pieces using mostly brass instrumentation.   I wrote the music over a period of a few weeks about 10 years ago.   Six of the pieces were always intended to be part of a suite.  I originally wrote a seventh song for the suite but it was discarded.   For this album, I added two pieces written during the same period.   

The music has a particularly American feel, which is reflected in most of the song titles and, of course, the name of the album.    


Next Album: "American Fantasy"


I'm in the last stages of recording the music for my next release, which I plan to name "American Fantasy."    It will be a suite of eight classical tracks with orchestration consisting mainly of brass instruments. (with a little piano, strings, and one piece with woodwinds),   The opening track is "An American Dream" and the closing track is "An American Fantasy."    Other tracks are "The New World" and "The Founding."   The style is very unlike anything else I've written.

Once the recordings are finished, the music still needs to be mastered (which I get done by a mastering service).   It will be a digital-only release.



Release of "Yesterday's Dreams"


 My latest album, "Yesterday's Dreams," was released March 8.   It's a 4-song EP of lounge jazz and instrumental pop with orchestration.