SONGS FOR SPRING (2010) - classical (varied)

MORNING BEGINS (2013)-- classical (varied), new age

LO LA DAY (2013)-- world, Caribbean, children's

NIGHT (2014)-- classical (strings), new age

SONGS FOR AUTUMN (2015)-- classical (strings, orchestral)

EASY RIVER (2016)-- classical (piano) 

AMERICAN FANTASY (2017) - classical (orchestral)

SOLITARY THOUGHTs (2017) - classical (piano)

MORE THAN HEAVEN (2018) - classical (piano, strings, and woodwinds)

ACROSS THE THRESHOLD (2018) - classical (varied)

WALKING THE TALK (2018) - jazz

LONGING (2019) - classical (orchestral)

LIFE GOES ON (2019) - jazz


YESTERDAY'S DREAMS (2017) (EP) instrumental pop,  lounge jazz

FREE WALKIN' (under the artist name "KHK")-- reggae instrumental

All tracks are written, arranged and performed by Ken Kurland.   

The cover art on all albums and singles is by Laurie Vigoda.