The page "Music for Sale" includes Ken's released albums and singles:   The music is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and other sites.


SONGS FOR SPRING (2010) - classical (varied)

MORNING BEGINS (2013)-- classical (varied), new age

LO LA DAY (2013)-- world music, Caribbean, children's music

NIGHT (2014)-- classical (strings), new age

SONGS FOR AUTUMN (2015)-- classical (strings, orchestral)

EASY RIVER (2016)-- classical (piano) 

AMERICAN FANTASY (2017) - classical (orchestral)

SOLITARY THOUGHTs (2017) - classical (piano)

MORE THAN HEAVEN (2018) - classical (piano, strings, and woodwinds)

ACROSS THE THRESHOLD (2018) - classical (varied)


YESTERDAY'S DREAMS (2017) (EP) instrumental pop,  lounge jazz

FREE WALKIN' -- reggae instrumental

All tracks are written, arranged and performed by Ken.   

The cover art on all albums and singles is by Laurie Vigoda.   

The page "Other Music" includes songs that Ken has recorded in a final or almost final form but are not yet on albums or released as singles..  These are just a tiny fraction of the over 1000 songs that Ken has written but not released.