The music page is divided between released music and unreleased music.   

Released Albums and Singles:

SONGS FOR SPRING (2010) - classical (various instruments)

MORNING BEGINS (2013)-- classical (various instruments), new age

LO LA DAY (2013)-- world music, Caribbean, children's

NIGHT (2014)-- classical (strings), new age

SONGS FOR AUTUMN (2015)-- classical (strings, orchestral)

EASY RIVER (2016)-- classical (piano) 

YESTERDAY'S DREAMS (2017) (EP) instrumental pop,  lounge jazz

AMERICAN FANTASY (2017) - classical (orchestral)

SOLITARY THOUGHTs (2017) - classical (piano)

MORE THAN HEAVEN (2018) - classical (piano, strings, flute, horns)

All tracks are original compositions that are performed and arranged by Ken.   All recordings are instrumental except for four songs with vocals by Penny Towers, a singer from Vermont (USA).

Ken has more than 1000 additional songs that he is still working on arranging and recording, that are not yet on the site.

Ken has also written lyrics to around 20 of his melodies, including two on this site: "Jumping" Jesse" and "Blues for Johnny."    Two songs, "I've Got So Many Questions" and "In A Cafe Dark," have lyrics by Penny Towers.

The album cover art is by Laurie Vigoda.